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Jack Hammons|Last Updated: 1/27/2017
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Important note
This is the first release of this brand new technology and it is branded “beta” deliberately – it’s not yet complete! We know there are issues and incomplete features, you should expect some things to work and for many things to fail. But we appreciate you playing with this feature and helping us identify the issues we need to fix in order to deliver a great experience.


Windows provides developers with a familiar Bash environment. This environment will allow users to:

  1. Run common command-line utilities such as grep, sed, and awk
  2. Navigate the file system using these commands
  3. Run Bash shell scripts which rely on supported command-line utilities

Windows is running Ubuntu user-mode binaries provided by Canonical. This means the command-line utilities are the same as those that run within a native Ubuntu environment. Installation of Bash on Windows is just a few clicks.

This is provided as beta software. While many of the coreutil commands provided by Ubuntu will work, there are some that will not. We welcome feedback and will prioritize accordingly.

This video from Build 2016 gives you more information and a demo of Ubuntu on Windows:

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