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Cross-Platform Development with TFS

You use the languages that are right for your projects, and you target the platforms that let you reach your customers. Platforms like Windows Phone, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and more, with data and services in the cloud.

As far as TFS is concerned, all code is created equal. You can use TFS to share code and to build continuously across all your platforms. And TFS can help you collaborate within your team, and with your customers.

To get started, download and install TFS and create a team project.

.NET, Azure, Windows, and Windows Phone

If you develop apps for Windows, Windows Phone, and Azure, you can use TFS in the cloud or on your own server to share your code and build your apps.

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Or use TFS in the cloud

+ Java, Android, PHP and Other Eclipse Projects

If you also use Eclipse to develop some of your apps - for platforms like Android, using Java or PHP - use the TFS plug-in for Eclipse to connect Eclipse to TFS.

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Or use Eclipse with TFS in the cloud.

+ iOS and Other Types of Projects

If you develop iOS apps, or work with development tools other than Eclipse on a Mac OS X, Linux or Unix based system then you can use the cross-platform command-line client to check files in and out of TFS.

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