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TextBoxBase.VerticalOffset الخاصية

Visual Studio 2010

The property specifies the opacity of the .

مساحة الاسم:  System.Windows.Controls.Primitives
التجميع:  PresentationFramework (في PresentationFramework.dll)

public double VerticalOffset { get; }

قيمة الخاصية

النوع: System.Double
The example sets the وحدات مستقلة عن الجهاز (1/96th بوصة لكل وحدة) property to red and the property to 0.5 to customize the appearance of selected text.
The following illustration shows the from the preceding example with its text selected. Selected text in a TextBox with SelectionBrush set to red
The القيمة of this خاصية هو 0.0 if the ‏‏تحرير نص عنصر تحكم ليس configured إلى دعم scrolling.
هذه خاصية القيمة غير الافتراضية.


An attempt هو made إلى التعيين this خاصية إلى a negative القيمة.

The opacity of the .

The following مثال demonstrates how إلى read the القيمة of the VerticalOffset خاصية.

private void initValues(object sender, EventArgs e)
    myTB1.Text= "ExtentHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentHeight.ToString();
    myTB2.Text= "ExtentWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ExtentWidth.ToString();
    myTB3.Text= "HorizontalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.HorizontalOffset.ToString();
    myTB4.Text= "VerticalOffset is currently " + myTextBox.VerticalOffset.ToString();
    myTB5.Text = "ViewportHeight is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportHeight.ToString();
    myTB6.Text = "ViewportWidth is currently " + myTextBox.ViewportWidth.ToString();
    radiobtn1.IsChecked = true;

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