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FlowDocumentScrollViewer.SelectionBrush الخاصية

Visual Studio 2010

الحصول أو تعيين فرشاة الذي يميز نص محدد.

مساحة الاسم:  System.Windows.Controls
التجميع:  PresentationFramework (في PresentationFramework.dll)

public Brush SelectionBrush { get; set; }

قيمة الخاصية

النوع: System.Windows.Media.Brush
A brush that highlights the محدد نص.

يمكن محدد فرشاة الذي يقوم بتمييز نص محدد في FlowDocumentScrollViewerبتعيين SelectionBrushو SelectionOpacityخصائص.

ينشئ المثال التالي FlowDocumentScrollViewer، يعين SelectionBrushخاصية باللون الوردي، و يعين SelectionOpacityخاصية إلى 0.7.

<FlowDocumentScrollViewer SelectionBrush="Pink" SelectionOpacity="0.7">
            <Bold>Neptune</Bold> (planet), major planet in the solar system, eighth planet
from the Sun and fourth largest in diameter.  Neptune maintains an almost constant
distance, about 4,490 million km (about 2,790 million mi), from the Sun.  Neptune
revolves outside the orbit of Uranus and for most of its orbit moves inside the
elliptical path of the outermost planet Pluto (see Solar System). Every 248 years,
Pluto’s elliptical orbit brings the planet inside Neptune’s nearly circular orbit
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The last time Pluto’s orbit brought it inside Neptune’s orbit was in 1979. In
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