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WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings الخاصية

Visual Studio 2010

يحصل على ConnectionStringsSectionبيانات الحالي تطبيق ويب's الافتراضي تكوين.

مساحة الاسم:  System.Web.Configuration
التجميع:  System.Web (في System.Web.dll)

public static ConnectionStringSettingsCollection ConnectionStrings { get; }

قيمة الخاصية

النوع: System.Configuration.ConnectionStringSettingsCollection
A ConnectionStringSettingsCollection كائن that يحتوي على the المحتويات of the ConnectionStringsSection كائن for the الحالي ويب تطبيق's الافتراضي تكوين.


A صالح ConnectionStringSettingsCollection كائن could not be retrieved.

The following مثال shows how إلى استخدم the ConnectionStrings خاصية إلى الوصول تكوين معلومات و enumerate the نتائج. إلى الوصول a specific اتصال سلسلة, استخدم the returned ConnectionStringSettingsCollection مع the اسم of the desired اتصال سلسلة كـ an مفهرس.

        // Show the use of ConnectionStrings. 
        // If called from within a client application,
        // the GetWebApplicationSection(string) gets the default section 
        // from the machine.config.
        // If called from within a Web aplication it gets the
        // section from the configuration file located at the 
        // application current level. 
        static void GetConnectionStrings()

            // Get the connectionStrings key,value pairs collection.
            ConnectionStringSettingsCollection connectionStrings =
                as ConnectionStringSettingsCollection;

            // Get the collection enumerator.
            IEnumerator connectionStringsEnum =

            // Loop through the collection and 
            // display the connectionStrings key, value pairs.
            int i = 0;
            Console.WriteLine("[Display connectionStrings]");
            while (connectionStringsEnum.MoveNext())
                string name = connectionStrings[i].Name;
                Console.WriteLine("Name: {0} Value: {1}",
                name, connectionStrings[name]);
                i += 1;


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.NET Framework

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