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CacheDependency.SetUtcLastModified أسلوب

Visual Studio 2010

يحدد الوقت عند تبعية أخير تغييرها.

مساحة الاسم:  System.Web.Caching
التجميع:  System.Web (في System.Web.dll)

protected void SetUtcLastModified(
	DateTime utcLastModified


النوع: System.DateTime
الوقت عندما تبعية التغيير أخير.

يلي تعليمات برمجية يظهر المثال فئة التي ترث من CacheDependencyclass. يقوم بإنشاء إحدى الطرق عامة، ResetDependency، الذي يستخدم SetUtcLastModifiedأسلوب إلى تغيير الوقت الذي تم تعديله تبعية، ومن ثم استدعاء NotifyDependencyChangedالأسلوب.

' Declare the class.
Public Class CustomCacheDependency 
   Inherits CacheDependency

     ' Constructor with no arguments 
     ' provided by CacheDependency class.
     Public Sub New()
     End Sub ' New

     ' Declare a Boolean field named disposedValue.
     ' This will be used by Disposed property.
     Private disposedValue As Boolean                

     ' Create accessors for the Disposed property.
     Public Property Disposed As Boolean
           Return disposedValue
       End Get
       Set (ByVal value As Boolean)
           disposedValue = value
       End Set
     End Property

     ' Create a public method that sets the latest
     ' changed time of the CustomCacheDependency
     ' and notifies the underlying CacheDependency that the 
     ' dependency has changed, even though the HasChanged
     ' property is false.
     Public Sub ResetDependency()
        If Me.HasChanged = False              
           NotifyDependencyChanged(Me, EventArgs.Empty)
        End If
     End Sub

     ' Overrides the DependencyDispose method to set the
     ' Disposed proerty to true. This method automatically
     ' notifies the underlying CacheDependency object to 
     ' release any resources associated with this class. 
     Protected Overrides Sub DependencyDispose()
        Disposed = True
     End Sub

 End Class

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.NET Framework

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