Adding flyouts and menus (HTML)

[ This article is for Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x developers writing Windows Runtime apps. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation ]

A flyout is a lightweight pop-up that is used to temporarily show UI related to what the user is currently doing. Use it to show a drop-down menu from an app bar or header menu, collect input from the user, show more details about an item, or ask the user to confirm an action. A flyout should be shown only in response to a user tap or click, and is always dismissed when the user taps outside of it.

The flyout is one of a number of UI surfaces in Windows 8. Others include message dialogs and the main app canvas. For guidance on when each surface is appropriate, see Choosing the right UI surfaces.

Note  Flyouts and menus are only supported on Windows. For information about Windows Phone 8.1, see WinJS API Changes for Windows Phone 8.1.

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Quickstart: Add a Flyout

This Quickstart explains how to create and style a flyout. (Windows only)

Quickstart: Add a menu

This quickstart explains how to create a menu to present commands to the user. (Windows only)