Windows.Graphics.Printing Classes

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PrintManager class

Informs Windows that an application wishes to participate in printing. The PrintManager class is also used for programmatically initiating printing.

PrintTask class

Represents a printing operation including the content to be printed, as well as providing access to information describing how the content is to be printed.

PrintTaskSourceRequestedDeferral class

Used to defer the request for a print task source.

PrintTaskSourceRequestedArgs class

Arguments associated with the PrintTaskSourceRequestedHandler delegate. Provides a method for handing the content to be printed to the Print Task.

PrintTaskSourceRequestedHandler delegate

Occurs when a print task requests the document to print. The supplied print document must implement the IPrintDocumentSource interface.

PrintTaskCompletedEventArgs class

Reports the completion of the print task.

PrintTaskOptions class

Represents a collection of methods and properties for managing the options which define how the content is to be printed.

PrintTaskProgressingEventArgs class

Contains the event arguments for the PrintTask.Progressing event. This event is raised during the submitting phase of the PrintTask.

PrintTaskRequest class

Contains the request from the system to create a print task.

PrintTaskRequestedEventArgs class

Event arguments associated with the PrintTaskRequest.

PrintTaskRequestedDeferral class

Used to defer the request for a print task.

StandardPrintTaskOptions class

Provides access to the canonical names for the options represented by the PrintTaskOptions class.