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VisMouseMoveDragStates Enumeration (Visio)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Constants returned by the MouseEvent.DragState property.

visMouseMoveDragStatesBegin1User is beginning to drag an object with the mouse.
visMouseMoveDragStatesDrop5User dropped the dragged object in the drop-target window.
visMouseMoveDragStatesEnter2User is dragging an object into the drop-target window with the mouse.
visMouseMoveDragStatesLeave4User is moving the mouse out of the drop-target window.
visMouseMoveDragStatesNone0Either not a mouse movement or a mouse movement that is not a drag operation.
visMouseMoveDragStatesOver3User is moving the dragged object within the drop-target window with the mouse.
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