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VisFromParts Enumeration (Visio)

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Codes returned by the Connect.FromPart property.

Note The visControlPoint value is actually 100 plus the zero-based row index. For example, if the control point is in row 0, visControlPoint equals 100; if the control point is in row 1, visControlPoint equals 101.


The VisFromParts return codes indicate the part of a shape from which a connection originates.

visBeginX7Connection is from the begin point x of a 1-D shape.
visBeginY8Connection is from the begin point y of a 1-D shape.
visBegin9Connection is from the begin point of a 1-D shape.
visBottomEdge4Connection is from bottom edge of shape.
visCenterEdge2Connection is from the center (x) of a 1-D shape.
visConnectFromError-1Connection from an unknown part.
visControlPoint100Connection is from the control point plus the row index (see Note).
visEndX10Connection is from the endpoint (x) of a 1-D shape.
visEndY11Connection is from the endpoint (y) of a 1-D shape.
visEnd12Connection is from the end of a 1-D shape.
visFromAngle13Connection is from the direction of a connection point.
visFromNone0Connection is from nothing.
visFromPin14Connection is from the pin of a shape.
visLeftEdge1Connection is from the left edge of a shape.
visMiddleEdge5Connection is from the middle (y) of a shape.
visRightEdge3Connection is from the right edge of a shape.
visTopEdge6Connection is from the top edge of a shape.
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