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MsoMetaPropertyType Enumeration (Office)

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Specifies the metadata property type.

msoMetaPropertyTypeBoolean1Represents a Boolean value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeCalculated3Represents a calculated value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeChoice2Represents a value from one or more choices.
msoMetaPropertyTypeComputed4Represents a computed value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeCurrency5Represents a Currency value
msoMetaPropertyTypeDateTime6Represents a DateTime value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeFillInChoice7Represents a value from two or more choices that is written-in by the user.
msoMetaPropertyTypeGuid8Represents a GUID value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeInteger9Represents an Integer value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeLookup10Represents a value used to lookup another value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMax19Represents the maximum value for a range.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoice12Represents a collection of choices.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoiceFillIn13Represents a collection of choices that require the user to write-in a value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeMultiChoiceLookup11Represents a collection of choices used to lookup another value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeNote14Represents a value of one or more sentences.
msoMetaPropertyTypeNumber15Represents a generic number data type.
msoMetaPropertyTypeText16Represents a Text value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeUnknown0Represents an unknown value.
msoMetaPropertyTypeUrl17Represents a URL.
msoMetaPropertyTypeUser18Represents a category of user.
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