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Sgn Function

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Returns a Variant ( Integer ) indicating the sign of a number. SyntaxSgn(number) The required numberargument can be any validnumeric expression. Return Values

If number isSgn returns
Greater than zero1
Equal to zero0
Less than zero-1

Remarks The sign of the number argument determines the return value of the Sgn function.


This example uses the Sgn function to determine the sign of a number.

Dim MyVar1, MyVar2, MyVar3, MySign
MyVar1 = 12: MyVar2 = -2.4: MyVar3 = 0
MySign = Sgn(MyVar1)    ' Returns 1.
MySign = Sgn(MyVar2)    ' Returns -1.
MySign = Sgn(MyVar3)    ' Returns 0.
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