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Find a Procedure

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To find a procedure in the Code window

  • To view an existing general procedure, select (General) in theObject box in the Code window, and then select the procedure in theProcedure box.

  • To view an event procedure, select the appropriate object in the Object box in the Code window, and then select the event in the Procedure box.

    Note To visually separate procedures in the Code window, you can select the Procedure Separator check box on the Editor tab of the Options dialog box ( Tools menu). You can switch between Procedure view and Full Module view using the buttons in the lower-left corner of the Code window.

    To find a procedure in another module

  1. On the View menu, click Object Browser, or press F2.

  2. Select the project in the Project/Library box.

  3. Select the module in the Classes list.

  4. Double-click the procedure name in the Members of list. The selected procedure is displayed in the Code window.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+DOWN ARROWDisplay the next procedure.
CTRL+UP ARROWDisplay the previous procedure.
PAGE DOWNPage down through the procedures in your code.
PAGE UPPage up through the procedures in your code.
F2Display the Object Browser.
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