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WebBrowserControl.HelpContextId Property (Access)

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The HelpContextID property specifies the context ID of a topic in the custom Help file specified by the HelpFile property setting. Read/write Long.


expression. HelpContextId

expression A variable that represents a WebBrowserControl object.


Note If you enter the context ID of the Help file topic as a positive number, the help topic will display in a "full" help topic window. If you add a minus sign ("-") in front of the context ID, the help topic will be displayed in a "pop-up" window. It is important to note the context ID does not have to have a negative number when authored in Microsoft Help Workshop. You must add the minus sign when setting the property to make the topic display in the pop-up window.

You can create a custom Help file to document forms, reports, or applications you create with Microsoft Access.

If a control's HelpContextID property setting is 0 (the default), Microsoft Access uses the form's HelpContextID and HelpFile properties to identify the Help topic to display. If you press F1 in a view other than Form view or if the HelpContextID property setting for both the form and the control is 0, a Microsoft Access Help topic is displayed.

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