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Report.Section Property (Access)

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You can use the Section property to identify a section of a report and provide access to the properties of that section. Read-only Section object.


expression. Section( ** Index** )

expression A variable that represents a Report object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
IndexRequiredVariantThe section number or name.


The Section property corresponds to a particular section. You can use the following constants listed below. It is recommended that you use the constants to make your code easier to read.

0acDetailReport detail section
1acHeaderReport header section
2acFooterReport footer section
3acPageHeaderReport page header section
4acPageFooterReport page footer section
5acGroupLevel1HeaderGroup-level 1 header section
6acGroupLevel1FooterGroup-level 1 footer section
7acGroupLevel2HeaderGroup-level 2 header section
8acGroupLevel2FooterGroup-level 2 footer section

Note If a report has additional group-level sections, the header/footer pairs are numbered consecutively beginning with 9.

The Section property is an array of all existing sections in the form or report specified by the section number. For example, Section(0) refers to a form's detail section and Section(3) refers to a form's page header section.

You can also refer to a section by name. The following statements refer to the Detail0 section for the Customers form and are equivalent.


You must combine the Section property with other properties that apply to form or report sections.

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