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Hyperlink.EmailSubject Property (Access)

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You can use the EmailSubject property to specify or determine return the email subject line of a hyperlink to an object, document, Web page or other destination for a command button, image control, or label control. Read/write String.


expression. EmailSubject

expression A variable that represents a Hyperlink object.


When you move the cursor over a command button, image control, or label control whose HyperlinkAddress property is set, the cursor changes to an upward-pointing hand. Clicking the control displays the object or Web page specified by the link.

To open objects in the current database, leave the HyperlinkAddress property blank and specify the object type and object name you want to open in the HyperlinkSubAddress property by using the syntax " objecttype objectname". If you want to open an object contained in another Microsoft Access database, enter the database path and file name in the HyperlinkAddress property and specify the database object to open by using the HyperlinkSubAddress property.

The HyperlinkAddress property can contain an absolute or a relative path to a target document. An absolute path is a fully qualified URL or UNC path to a document. A relative path is a path related to the base path specified in the Hyperlink Base setting in the DatabaseNameProperties dialog box (available by clicking Database Properties on the File menu) or to the current database path. If Microsoft Access can't resolve the HyperlinkAddress property setting to a valid URL or UNC path, it will assume you've specified a path relative to the base path contained in the Hyperlink Base setting or the current database path.

Note When you follow a hyperlink to another Microsoft Access database object, the database Startup properties are applied. For example, if the destination database has a Display form set, that form is displayed when the database opens.

Note When you create a hyperlink by using the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, Microsoft Access automatically sets the EmailSubject property to the location specified in the Subject box of the E-Mail Address tab.

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