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Form.AfterLayout Event (Access)

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Occurs after all charts in the specfied PivotChart view have been laid out, but before they have been rendered.


expression. AfterLayout( ** drawObject**, )

expression A variable that represents a Form object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
drawObjectRequiredObjectA ChChartDraw object. Use the methods and properties of this object to draw objects on the chart.

Return Value



During this event, you can reposition the ChTitle, ChLegend, ChChart, and ChAxis objects of each PivotChart view by changing their Left and Top properties. You can reposition the ChPlotArea object by changing its Left, Top, Right, and Bottom properties. These properties cannot be changed outside of this event.


The following example demonstrates the syntax for a subroutine that traps the AfterLayout event.

Private Sub Form_AfterLayout(ByVal drawObject As Object) 
 MsgBox "The PivotChart view has been laid out." 
End Sub

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