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Control.Selected Property (Access)

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You can use the Selected property in Visual Basic to determine if an item is selected. Read/write Long.


expression. Selected( ** lRow** )

expression A variable that represents a Control object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
lRowRequiredLongThe item in the list box. The first item is represented by a zero (0), the second by a one (1), and so on.


The Selected property is a zero-based array that contains the selected state of each item in a list box.

TrueThe list box item is selected.
FalseThe list box item isn't selected.

This property is available only at run time.

When a list box control's MultiSelect property is set to None, only one item can have its Selected property set to True. When a list box control's MultiSelect property is set to Simple or Extended, any or all of the items can have their Selected property set to True. A multiple-selection list box bound to a field will always have a Value property equal to Null. You use the Selected property or the ItemsSelected collection to retrieve information about which items are selected.

You can use the Selected property to select items in a list box by using Visual Basic. For example, the following expression selects the fifth item in the list:

Me!Listbox.Selected(4) = True


The following example uses the Selected property to move selected items in the lstSource list box to the lstDestination list box. The lstDestination list box's RowSourceType property is set to Value List and the control's RowSource property is constructed from all the selected items in the lstSource control. The lstSource list box's MultiSelect property is set to Extended. The CopySelected( ) procedure is called from the cmdCopyItem command button.

Private Sub cmdCopyItem_Click() 
 CopySelected Me 
End Sub 

Public Sub CopySelected(ByRef frm As Form) 

 Dim ctlSource As Control 
 Dim ctlDest As Control 
 Dim strItems As String 
 Dim intCurrentRow As Integer 

 Set ctlSource = frm!lstSource 
 Set ctlDest = frm!lstDestination 

 For intCurrentRow = 0 To ctlSource.ListCount - 1 
 If ctlSource.Selected(intCurrentRow) Then 
 strItems = strItems &; ctlSource.Column(0, _ 
 intCurrentRow) &; ";" 
 End If 
 Next intCurrentRow 

 ' Reset destination control's RowSource property. 
 ctlDest.RowSource = "" 
 ctlDest.RowSource = strItems 

 Set ctlSource = Nothing 
 Set ctlDest = Nothing 

End Sub

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