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AcImeMode Enumeration (Access)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Specifies the default startup mode for the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME).

acImeModeAlpha8Activates the IME in half-width Latin mode.
acImeModeAlphaFull7Activates the IME in full-width Latin mode.
acImeModeDisable3Disables the IME.
acImeModeHangul10Activates the IME in half-width Hangul mode.
acImeModeHangulFull9Activates the IME in full-width Hangul mode.
acImeModeHiragana4Activates the IME in full-width hiragana mode.
acImeModeKatakana5Activates the IME in full-width katakana mode.
acImeModeKatakanaHalf6Activates the IME in half-width katakana mode.
acImeModeNoControl0Does not change the IME mode.
acImeModeOff2Disables the IME and activates Latin text entry.
acImeModeOn1Activates the IME.
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