Test apps early and often

Visual Studio Team Services | Visual Studio 2015 | Previous versions

Test continuously while you code, build, and deploy your app. Find problems before launching your app or updates into production. You can then better assess whether your app meets your customers' needs and is ready for release.

Test with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server

Perform exploratory, manual, and system tests, like performance and load tests for any app in the cloud or on-premises, in any language. Include automated tests with builds and releases as part of your continuous integration and deployment workflow.

Exploratory and manual testing

Plan and manage your team's test activities, track progress, and get critical insights - all from a central location. Store your test plans, test cases, and test results with your builds, releases, and tools in the cloud with Visual Studio Team Services - if you don't want to set up your own machines and resources, or on-premises with Team Foundation Server (TFS).

Manage test activities

System testing

Create, manage, and run unit tests, coded UI tests, web performance tests, and load tests with Visual Studio Enterprise. Use unit tests and coded UI tests to make sure your code works the way that you expect.

For example, you might run these tests before you check in code. You might also use these tests to convert manual tests into automated tests and to isolate bugs found from integration testing Team Foundation builds.

Automated tests in your build and release for continuous integration and deployment

Make sure that your app still works after every check-in and build. Find problems earlier by running tests automatically with each build. When your build is done, review your test results to start resolving the problems that you find.

Set up test environments

Collect data and diagnostics when you run your tests. Use test settings to specify the data and diagnostics that you want to collect. Create and manage lab environments with the Lab Management features in Microsoft Test Manager. A lab environment is a collection of virtual and physical machines that you can use to develop and test applications.

Extend your test tools

Extend the unit test framework and customize the test storage process, exceptions, diagnostic data adapters, load tests, test types, coded UI tests, unit tests, web tests, and more.