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DataGrid.ItemStyle Property

Gets the style properties of the items in the DataGrid control.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property ItemStyle As TableItemStyle
public virtual TableItemStyle ItemStyle {get;}
public: __property virtual TableItemStyle* get_ItemStyle();
public function get ItemStyle() : TableItemStyle;

Property Value

A TableItemStyle object that contains the style properties of the items in the DataGrid control. The default value is an empty TableItemStyle object.


Use this property to provide a custom style for the items of the DataGrid control. Common style attributes that can be adjusted include forecolor, backcolor, font, and content alignment within the cell. Providing a different style enhances the appearance of the DataGrid control.

Item style properties in the DataGrid control are inherited from one item style property to another through a hierarchy. Item style properties set lower in the hierarchy are inherited by item style properties higher in the hierarchy. For example, if you specify a red font for the ItemStyle property, all other item style properties in the DataGrid control will also have a red font. This allows you to provide a common appearance for the control by setting a single item style property. You can override the inherited style settings for an item style property that is higher in the hierarchy by setting its style properties. For example, you can specify a blue font for the AlternatingItemStyle property, overriding the red font specified in the ItemStyle property. The following table lists the hierarchy order from highest to lowest.

Precedence Style Property
1 EditItemStyle
2 SelectedItemStyle
3 AlternatingItemStyle
4 ItemStyle
5 ControlStyle

To specify a custom style for the items of the DataGrid control, place the <ItemStyle> tags between the opening and closing tags of the DataGrid control. You can then list the style attributes within the opening <ItemStyle> tag.

You can also use the AlternatingItemStyle property to provide a different appearance for the alternating items in the DataGrid control.


Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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