HttpContinueDelegate Delegate

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Represents the method that notifies callers when a continue response is received by the client.

Namespace:  System.Net
Assembly:  System.Http (in System.Http.dll)

type HttpContinueDelegate = 
    delegate of 
        StatusCode:int * 
        httpHeaders:WebHeaderCollection -> unit


Type: System..::..Int32
The numeric value of the HTTP status from the server.
Type: System.Net..::..WebHeaderCollection
The headers returned with the 100-continue response from the server.

Use HttpContinueDelegate to specify the callback method to be called when an HTTP 100-continue response is received from the server. When set, the delegate is called whenever the first protocol response of type HttpStatusCode..::..Continue is received.

Your event handler must declare the same parameters as the HttpContinueDelegate.


StatusCode is always HttpStatusCode..::..Continue.

This is useful when the client wants to display the status of data being received from the server.