ViewType enumeration

Specifies the type of the list view.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Client (in Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll)

public enum ViewType

Member nameDescription
NoneThe type of the list view is not specified. Value = 0.
HtmlEnumeration whose values specify an HTML list view type. Value = 1.
GridEnumeration whose values specify a datasheet list view type. Value = 2048.
CalendarEnumeration whose values specify a calendar list view type. Value = 524288.
RecurrenceEnumeration whose values specify a list view type that displays recurring events. Value = 8193.
ChartEnumeration whose values specify a chart list view type. Value = 131072.
GanttEnumeration whose values specify a Gantt chart list view type. Value = 67108864.