PropertyId enumeration

The PropertyId enumeration contains values that identify iCalendar properties.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.ContentTypes.iCalendar
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common (in Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Common.dll)

public enum PropertyId

Member nameDescription
UnknownIndicates any unrecognized property.
ProductIdIndicates a product identifier property.
VersionIndicates an iCal version property.
CalendarScaleIndicates a calendar scale property.
MethodIndicates a method property.
AttachmentIndicates an attachment property.
CategoriesIndicates a categories property.
ClassIndicates a classification property.
CommentIndicates a comment property.
DescriptionIndicates a description property.
GeographicPositionIndicates a geographic position property.
LocationIndicates a location property.
PercentCompleteIndicates a percent complete property.
PriorityIndicates a priority property.
ResourcesIndicates a resources property.
StatusIndicates a status property.
SummaryIndicates a summary property.
CompletedIndicates a date/time completed property.
DateTimeEndIndicates a date/time end property
DateTimeDueIndicates a date/time due property.
DateTimeStartIndicates a date/time start property.
DurationIndicates a duration property.
FreeBusyIndicates a free/busy property.
TransparencyIndicates a time transparency property.
TimeZoneIdIndicates a time zone ID property.
TimeZoneNameIndicates a time zone name property.
TimeZoneOffsetFromIndicates a time zone offset from property.
TimeZoneOffsetToIndicates a time zone offset to property.
TimeZoneUrlIndicates a time zone URL property.
AttendeeIndicates an attendee property.
ContactIndicates a contact property.
OrganizerIndicates an organizer property.
RecurrenceIdIndicates a Recurrence ID property.
RelatedToIndicates a related to property.
UrlIndicates a URL property.
UidIndicates a UID property.
ExceptionDateIndicates an exception date/time property.
ExceptionRuleIndicates an exception rule property.
RecurrenceDateIndicates a recurrence date/times property.
RecurrenceRuleIndicates a recurrence rule property.
ActionIndicates an action property.
RepeatIndicates a repeat property.
TriggerIndicates a trigger property.
CreatedIndicates a date/time created property.
DateTimeStampIndicates a date/time stamp property.
LastModifiedIndicates a last modified property.
SequenceIndicates a sequence property.
RequestStatusIndicates a request status property.