This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

GoSub...Return Statement

This page is specific to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Language Reference for Office 2010.

Branches to and returns from a subroutine within a procedure.


GoSub line



The line argument can be any line label or line number.


You can use GoSub and Return anywhere in a procedure, but GoSub and the corresponding Return statement must be in the same procedure. A subroutine can contain more than one Return statement, but the first Return statement encountered causes the flow of execution to branch back to the statement immediately following the most recently executed GoSub statement.


You can't enter or exit Sub procedures with GoSub...Return.


Creating separate procedures that you can call may provide a more structured alternative to using GoSub...Return.

This example uses GoSub to call a subroutine within a Sub procedure. The Return statement causes the execution to resume at the statement immediately following the GoSub statement. The Exit Sub statement is used to prevent control from accidentally flowing into the subroutine.

Sub GosubDemo() 
Dim Num 
' Solicit a number from the user. 
 Num = InputBox("Enter a positive number to be divided by 2.") 
' Only use routine if user enters a positive number. 
 If Num > 0 Then GoSub MyRoutine 
 Debug.Print Num 
 Exit Sub ' Use Exit to prevent an error. 
 Num = Num/2 ' Perform the division. 
 Return ' Return control to statement. 
End Sub ' following the GoSub statement.