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Export File Dialog Box

Last modified: December 06, 2011

Applies to: Office 2013 | VBA


Allows you to give a name to the exported file and choose a location where it will be saved.

Save in

Select the folder where you want to store the file.

tbr_up_ZA01201763 Up One Level

Shows a list of folders or drives one level above the current folder.

tbr_new_ZA01201715 Create New Folder

Creates a new folder.

tbr_deta_ZA01201697 Details

Shows the folder or documents in a list that includes the folder or document icon and name, its size (documents only), type, and the date and time it was last modified.

tbr_list_ZA01201712 List

Shows the folders or documents in a list format that includes the folder or document icon and its name.

File name

Unless you specify a filename extension, Visual Basic automatically adds the default filename extension .frm for form, .bas for modules, or .cls for class modules.

List Files of Type

Select a file type from the list:

  • Form Files (*.frm) — Lists all forms.

  • Basic Files (*.bas) — Lists all standard modules.

  • Class Files (*.cis) — Lists all class modules.

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