Set up an add-in catalog on SharePoint

Office Add-ins

Set up an add-in catalog on SharePoint for publishing task pane and content add-ins.

Last modified: August 25, 2015

Applies to: Access apps for SharePoint | apps for Office | Excel | Office Add-ins | PowerPoint | Project | Word

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Note Note

The name "apps for Office" is changing to "Office Add-ins". During the transition, the documentation and the UI of some Office host applications and Visual Studio tools might still use the term "apps for Office". For details, see New name for apps for Office and SharePoint.

An add-in catalog is a document library on SharePoint where manifest files for task pane and content Office Add-ins, as well as SharePoint Add-ins, can be published. For Office Add-ins, an administrator uploads a manifest file to the add-in catalog. When an administrator registers an add-in catalog as a trusted catalog (by setting group policy, or from the Trusted Add-ins Catalog page of the Options dialog box, choosing File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Add-in Catalogs), users can insert the add-in from the insertion UI in an Office client application.

Only one add-in catalog for Office Add-ins can exist per SharePoint web application. To set up the add-in catalog for a web application:

  1. Browse to the Central Administration Site (Start > All Programs > Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products > SharePoint 2013 Central Administration).

  2. In the left task pane, choose Add-ins.

  3. On the Add-ins page, under Add-in Management, choose Manage Add-in Catalog.

  4. On the Manage Add-in Catalog page, make sure you have the right web application selected in the Web Application Selector.

  5. Choose View site settings.

  6. On the Site Settings page, choose Site collection administrators to specify the site collection administrators, and then choose OK.

  7. To grant site permissions to users, choose Site Permissions, and then choose Grant Permissions.

  8. In the Share ‘App Catalog Site’ dialog box, specify one or more site users, set the appropriate permissions for them, optionally set other options, and then choose Share.

  9. To add add-ins to the Office Add-ins add-in catalog, choose Office Add-ins.

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