Plate Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a single printer's plate. The Plate object is a member of the Plates collection.

Use the Add method of the Plates collection to create a new plate. This example creates a new spot-color plate collection and adds a plate to it.

Sub AddNewPlates() 
 Dim plts As Plates 
 Set plts = ActiveDocument.CreatePlateCollection(Mode:=pbColorModeSpot) 
 With plts(1) 
 .Color.RGB = RGB(Red:=255, Green:=0, Blue:=0) 
 .Luminance = 4 
 End With 
End Sub

Use the FindPlateByInkName method to return a specific plate by referencing its ink name. Process colors are assigned different index numbers in the Plates collection than in the PrintablePlates collection. Use the FindPlateByInkName method to insure the desired Plate or PrintablePlate object is accessed.