WebHiddenFields Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents hidden Web fields that allow a Web page to pass non-visible data to the Web server when a Web page is submitted. The WebHiddenFields object enables control of all the hidden fields attached to a Submit command button.

Use the HiddenFields property to access hidden Web fields. This example adds a new hidden Web field to a new Submit command button.

Sub CreateActionWebButton() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes 
 With .AddWebControl _ 
 (Type:=pbWebControlCommandButton, Left:=150, _ 
 Top:=150, Width:=75, Height:=36).WebCommandButton 
 .ButtonText = "Submit" 
 .ButtonType = pbCommandButtonSubmit 
 .HiddenFields.Add Name:="User", Value:="PowerUser" 
 End With 
 End With 
End Sub