WebPageOptions Object
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WebPageOptions Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents the properties of a single Web page within a Web publication, including options for adding the title and description of the page, background sounds, in addition to other options. The WebPageOptions object is a member of the Page object.

Note that the WebPageOptions object is only available when the active publication is a Web publication. A run-time error is returned if trying to access this object from a print publication.

Use the WebPageOptions property on the Page object to return a WebPageOptions object. Use the Description property to set the description of a specified Web page. The following example sets the description for the second page of the active Web publication.

Dim theWPO As WebPageOptions 
Set theWPO = ActiveDocument.Pages(2).WebPageOptions 
With theWPO 
 .Description = "Company Profile" 
End With
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