Attachments Object (Publisher)

Office 2013 and later

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The collection of Attachment objects that represents all the attachments to a merged e-mail message.

The Attachments collection corresponds to the list of attachments in the Attachments box in the Merge to E-mail dialog box in the Microsoft Publisher user interface (on the File menu, point to Send E-mail, click Send E-mail Merge, and then click Options).

To add an Attachment object to the Attachments collection and thereby add an attachment to the list of attachments to the merged e-mail that you want to send, use the Attachments.Add method.

To remove a single attachment from an e-mail merge message, use the Attachment.Delete method of the specific Attachment object that you want to remove from the Attachments collection.

To remove all the attachments to the merged e-mail and thereby empty the Attachments collection, use the Attachments.ClearAll method.

The default property of the Attachments collection is the Item property.

The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the Add method to add an attachment to an e-mail merge message. The macro adds an Attachment object that represents a bitmap image to the Attachments collection of the active document. It also iterates through the Attachments collection and prints the name of each attachment in the Immediate window.

Before running this macro, place a file named image.bmp in the root of the C drive on your computer, or change the name and path of the file in the macro to specify the one you want to attach.

To send an e-mail merge message, you must connect to a data source, create the e-mail merge, and then send the message. For more information, see the EmailMergeEnvelope object topic.

Public Sub Attachments_Example() 
 Dim pubAttachments As Publisher.Attachments 
 Dim pubAttachment As Publisher.Attachment 
 Dim pubAttachment_Added As Publisher.Attachment 
 Dim pubMailMerge As Publisher.MailMerge 
 Dim pubEmailMergeEnvelope As Publisher.EmailMergeEnvelope 
 Set pubMailMerge = ThisDocument.MailMerge 
 Set pubEmailMergeEnvelope = pubMailMerge.EmailMergeEnvelope 
 Set pubAttachments = pubEmailMergeEnvelope.Attachemts 
 Set pubAttachment_Added = pubAttachments.Add("C:\image.bmp") 
 For Each pubAttachment In pubAttachments 
 Debug.Print pubAttachment.Name 
End Sub