ThreeDFormat Object (Publisher)

Represents a shape's three-dimensional formatting.

You cannot apply three-dimensional formatting to some kinds of shapes, such as beveled shapes. Most of the properties and methods of the ThreeDFormat object for such a shape will fail.

Use the ThreeD property to return a ThreeDFormat object. This example sets the depth, extrusion color, extrusion direction, and lighting direction for the 3-D effects applied to shape one in the active publication.

Sub SetThreeDSettings() 
 Dim tdfTemp As ThreeDFormat 
 Set tdfTemp = _ 
 With tdfTemp 
 .Visible = True 
 .Depth = 50 
 .ExtrusionColor.RGB = RGB(255, 100, 255) 
 .SetExtrusionDirection _ 
 .PresetLightingDirection = msoLightingLeft 
 End With 
End Sub
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