NamedSlideShows Object (PowerPoint)

A collection of all the NamedSlideShow objects in the presentation. Each NamedSlideShow object represents a custom slide show.

Use the NamedSlideShows property to return the NamedSlideShows collection. Use NamedSlideShows(index), where index is the custom slide show name or index number, to return a single NamedSlideShow object. The following example deletes the custom slide show named "Quick Show."

ActivePresentation.SlideShowSettings _

    .NamedSlideShows("Quick Show").Delete

Use the Add method to create a new slide show and add it to the NamedSlideShows collection. The following example adds to the active presentation the named slide show "Quick Show" that contains slides 2, 7, and 9. The example then runs this custom slide show.

Dim qSlides(1 To 3) As Long

With ActivePresentation

    With .Slides

        qSlides(1) = .Item(2).SlideID

        qSlides(2) = .Item(7).SlideID

        qSlides(3) = .Item(9).SlideID

    End With

    With .SlideShowSettings

        .NamedSlideShows.Add "Quick Show", qSlides

        .RangeType = ppShowNamedSlideShow

        .SlideShowName = "Quick Show"


    End With

End With
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