EffectParameters Object (PowerPoint)

Represents various animation parameters for an Effect object, such as colors, fonts, sizes, and directions.

Use the EffectParameters property of the Effect object to return an EffectParameters object. The following example creates a shape, sets a fill effect, and changes the starting and ending fill colors.

Sub effParam()

    Dim shpNew As Shape

    Dim effNew As Effect

    Set shpNew = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes _

        .AddShape(Type:=msoShapeHeart, Left:=100, _

        Top:=100, Width:=150, Height:=150)

    Set effNew = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).TimeLine.MainSequence _

        .AddEffect(Shape:=shpNew, EffectID:=msoAnimEffectChangeFillColor, _


    With effNew.EffectParameters

        .Color1.RGB = RGB(Red:=0, Green:=0, Blue:=255)

        .Color2.RGB = RGB(Red:=255, Green:=0, Blue:=0)

    End With

End Sub
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