Outlook MAPI Reference

Last modified: April 04, 2016

Applies to: Outlook

Welcome to the Microsoft Outlook 2013 Messaging API (MAPI) Reference. MAPI provides the messaging architecture for Microsoft Outlook 2013. MAPI for Outlook 2013 provides a set of interfaces, functions, and other data types to facilitate the development of Outlook 2013 messaging applications. Applications and transports use MAPI to manipulate email data, to create email messages and the folders to store them in, and to support notifications of changes to existing MAPI-related data.

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If you are new to developing solutions for Outlook, see Selecting an API or technology for developing solutions for Outlook 2013 to identify the APIs and technologies that are most appropriate for your needs.

Getting Started with the Outlook MAPI Reference

Provides information about the various reference and conceptual resources in the Outlook 2013 MAPI Reference.

MAPI Samples

Provides sample applications.

MAPI Concepts

Provides a guide to understanding and programming with MAPI.

MAPI Reference

Provides references to MAPI programming elements.