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FieldReferences property
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SPField.FieldReferences property

Gets a string array that contains the internal names of fields that are referenced in a computed field.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public string[] FieldReferences { get; }

Property value

Type: []
Returns String.

The following code example displays the internal names of fields that involve field references.

The example assumes the existence of an .aspx page that contains a label control.

This example requires using directives (Imports in Visual Basic) for the Microsoft.SharePoint and Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities namespaces.

SPSite oSiteCollection = SPContext.Current.Site;
SPWeb oWebsite = oSiteCollection.AllWebs["Site_Name"];
SPFieldCollection collFields = oWebsite.Lists["List_Name "].Fields;

for (int intIndex=0; intIndex<collFields.Count; intIndex++)
    string[] strRefFields = collFields[intIndex].FieldReferences;

    if (strRefFields != null)
        for (int intStrPos=0; intStrPos<strRefFields.Length; intStrPos++)
            Label1.Text += SPEncode.HtmlEncode(strRefFields[intStrPos]) + "<BR>";

Certain objects implement the IDisposable interface, and you must avoid retaining these objects in memory after they are no longer needed. For information about good coding practices, see Disposing Objects.

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