Shareable meeting content

Lync 2013

Core concepts

Learn about the nature of shareable content in a Microsoft Lync 2013 conversation and what content sharing feature that Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK lets you build into your application.

Last modified: December 12, 2012

Applies to: Lync 2013 | Lync Server 2013

Important note Important

The Lync 2013 API does not support content sharing when Lync 2013 is running in UI suppression mode.

Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK lets you create collaboration features in your application that let users control the content sharing stage in a conversation. Programmable features include starting whiteboard sessions, uploading and sharing PowerPoint slide decks, saving or clearing annotations, choosing content presenters, and attaching files on the sharing stage of a Microsoft Lync 2013 conversation window. You can use the API to build programmatic control over the sharing stage of the conversation window.

Figure 1 shows the Lync 2013 conversation window with the content sharing stage management dialog. This dialog lets you add any of the displayed types to the conversation sharing stage. In addition, you can change the presenter of the shared content from this dialog. The Lync 2013 API gives you programmable types from the Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation.Sharing namespace to add the features from this dialog to your application.

Important note Important

You cannot create or upload a poll using the Lync 2013 API.

Figure 1. Content sharing stage content dialog

Lync content stage content bin item manager

To learn about sharing a desktop, monitor, or program, see Core concepts: Desktop, application, and display sharing in Lync SDK.

Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK exposes a set of classes in the Microsoft.Lync.Model.Conversation.Sharing namespace that let you create and manage the content sharing stages of multiple conversations from a single custom application. This feature is useful in many scenarios, especially where you are required to create a simplified content sharing UI for people who are not familiar with the Lync 2013 conversation window UI.