Core concepts: Lync meetings

Lync 2013

Core concepts

Learn about the foundational Microsoft Lync 2013 SDK objects that make up the programmable components of a Microsoft Lync 2013 online meeting.

From the perspective of the developer, a meet-now meeting is a multi-party capable audio conference that is started programmatically with a single method call. There is no need to configure a conference object with the modalities needed to start the meet-now meeting. The call to the Automation.BeginMeetNow method starts an operation that activates an audio conference on Microsoft Lync Server 2013 that can be joined immediately. The Automation.EndMeetNow method returns a Microsoft.Lync.Model.Extensibility.ConversationWindow hosts the meet-now meeting and can be docked in your application. The ConversationWindow object gives you programmatic access to the meeting so that you can manage meeting access, presenters, and participant video.

Important note Important

The meet-now meeting is not supported in UI suppression mode.

The topic in this section describes the Lync 2013 API object model that exposes the meeting-specific properties of the Conversation object and other meeting specific objects that encapsulate a meet-now Lync 2013 meeting.