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SharePoint Taxonomy JavaScript reference (sp.taxonomy.js)

SharePoint 2013

Last modified: November 01, 2013

Applies to: apps for SharePoint | SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

The SharePoint Server reference for Taxonomy provides the fundamental taxonomy infrastructure.

The Taxonomy library contains the Taxonomy namespace.

Table 1. Taxonomy namespace



ChangedGroup enumeration

Represents a change that happened to a TermGroup object.

ChangedItem object

Represents one change to the TermStore object.

ChangedItemCollection object

Represents a collection of ChangedItem objects.

ChangedItemType enumeration

Represents the type of changed taxonomy object.

ChangedOperationType enumeration

Indicates the type of operation that caused a change.

ChangedSite object

Represents an event that occurred that changes something in the hidden list.

ChangedTerm object

Indicates a change that happened to a Term object.

ChangedTermSet object

Indicates a change that happened to a TermSet object.

ChangedTermStore object

Indicates a change that happened to a TermStore object.

ChangeInformation object

An object that supports overloads for the TermGroup.getChanges method, the TermSet.getChanges method, and the TermStore.getChanges method by combining the change information in one structure.

CustomPropertyMatchInformation object

Used as an input parameter for methods that retrieve objects based on specific custom property matching criteria.

Label object

Represents the name of a Term object in a specific language.

LabelCollection object

Represents a collection of Label objects.

LabelMatchInformation object

Used as an input parameter for methods that retrieve objects based on specific label-matching criteria.

MobileTaxonomyField object

Provides support for taxonomy fields on a mobile page.

StringMatchOption enumeration

Indicates what type of string matching should be performed when comparing strings.

TaxonomyField object

Represents a taxonomy field.

TaxonomyFieldValue object

Represents a single value held in a SP.Taxonomy.TaxonomyField object (sp.taxonomy) object.

TaxonomyFieldValueCollection object

Represents the multi-value object for the taxonomy column.

TaxonomyItem object

Base class that represents an item in the term store.

TaxonomySession object

Wraps all of the associated TermStore objects for a site collection.

Term object

Represents a Term or a Keyword in a managed metadata hierarchy.

TermCollection object

Represents a collection of Term objects.

TermGroup object

Represents the top-level container in a TermStore object.

TermGroupCollection object

A collection of TermGroup objects.

TermSet object

Represents a hierarchical or flat set of Term objects known as a "TermSet".

TermSetCollection object

Represents a collection of TermSet objects.

TermSetItem object

Provides an abstraction of the TaxonomyItem object that is a parent of Term objects.

TermStore object

Represents a store that contains metadata within child SP.Taxonomy.TermGroup object (sp.taxonomy) objects, SP.Taxonomy.TermSet object (sp.taxonomy) objects, and SP.Taxonomy.Term object (sp.taxonomy) objects.

TermStoreCollection object

Represents a collection of SP.Taxonomy.TermStore object (sp.taxonomy) objects.

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