Global::runClassMethodIL Method [AX 2012]

Runs the specified method and makes sure it is executed under the Xpp IL.

server public static container runClassMethodIL(
    ClassName _className, 
    MethodName _methodName, 
    container _params, 
   [boolean _ignoreTtsLevel])

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Type: ClassName Extended Data Type
The name of the class that contains the method.
Type: MethodName Extended Data Type
The static method to call.
Type: container
The container of parameters to pass to the method.
Type: boolean
Forces to IL even if the tts level is larger than 0.

Return Value

Type: container
The result of the method call as a container.

This demands the XppILExecutePermission class and asserts both the RunAsPermissionand ExecutePermission. The call will transition to Xpp IL using runAs if running interpreted. If running as Xpp IL, the method is just called directly.As there may be some overhead, this method should only be used on computationally expensive methods.This method will not transition to IL if the current tts level is larger than 0 (unless forced) because transaction scope does not flow across IL boundaries.IL is also referred to as CIL, for the common intermediate language of the .NET Framework.