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MailItem.SenderEmailAddress Property (Outlook)

Returns a String that represents the e-mail address of the sender of the Outlook item. Read-only.

expression .SenderEmailAddress

expression A variable that represents a MailItem object.

This property corresponds to the MAPI property PidTagSenderEmailAddress.

The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example loops all items in a folder named Test in the Inbox and sets the yellow flag on items sent by 'someone@example.com'. To run this example without errors, make sure the Test folder exists in the default Inbox folder and replace 'someone@example.com' with a valid sender e-mail address in the Test folder.

Sub SetFlagIcon() 
 Dim mpfInbox As Outlook.Folder 
 Dim obj As Outlook.MailItem 
 Dim i As Integer 
 Set mpfInbox = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI").GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Folders("Test") 
 ' Loop all items in the Inbox\Test Folder 
 For i = 1 To mpfInbox.Items.Count 
 If mpfInbox.Items(i).Class = olMail Then 
 Set obj = mpfInbox.Items.Item(i) 
 If obj.SenderEmailAddress = "someone@example.com" Then 
 'Set the yellow flag icon 
 obj.FlagIcon = olYellowFlagIcon 
 End If 
 End If 
End Sub
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