COMAddIn Object
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COMAddIn Object (Office)

Office 2013 and later

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Represents a COM add-in in the Microsoft Office host application. The COMAddIn object is a member of the COMAddIns collection.

Use COMAddIns.Item(index), where index is either an ordinal value that returns the COM add-in at that position in the COMAddIns collection, or a String value that represents the ProgID of the specified COM add-in. The following example displays a COM add-in’s description text in a message box.

MsgBox Application.COMAddIns.Item("msodraa9.ShapeSelect").Description

Use the ProgID property of the COMAddin object to return the programmatic identifier for a COM add-in, and use the Guid property to return the globally unique identifier (GUID) for the add-in. The following example displays the ProgID and GUID for COM add-in one in a message box.

MsgBox "My ProgID is " & _ 
 Application.COMAddIns(1).ProgID & _ 
 " and my GUID is " & _ 

Use the Connect property to set or return the state of the connection to a specified COM add-in. The following example displays a message box that indicates whether COM add-in one is registered and currently connected.

If Application.COMAddIns(1).Connect Then 
 MsgBox "The add-in is connected." 
MsgBox "The add-in is not connected." 
End If
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