PageScale Cell (Page Properties Section)

Office 2013 and later

Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: Office 2013 | Visio 2013

Determines the value of the page unit in the current drawing scale. The drawing scale for the page is the ratio of the page unit shown in the PageScale cell to the drawing unit shown in the DrawingScale cell.

You can also set the value of the PageScale cell on the Drawing Scale tab in the Page Setup dialog box (on the Design tab, click the Page Setup arrow). The value of the cell is the first of the two numbers in the Pre-defined scale box or Custom scale box, depending on the drawing scale setting selected under Drawing scale. For example, if you select an architectural scale for your drawing, the drawing scale for the page is 3/32" = 1'0". The value in the PageScale cell is 0.0938 in. (or 3/32") and the value in the DrawingScale cell is 1 ft.

To get a reference to the PageScale cell by name from another formula, or from a program using the CellsU property, use:

Cell name:


To get a reference to the PageScale cell by index from a program, use the CellsSRC property with the following arguments:

Section index:


Row index:


Cell index: