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ServiceApplicationProxyGroup property

SPServiceApplication.ServiceApplicationProxyGroup property

Gets or sets the service application proxy group for this SPServiceApplication.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration
Assembly:  Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

public SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup ServiceApplicationProxyGroup { get; set; }

Property value

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup
Returns a SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup that represents a group of references for service application proxies.

Service applications have a corresponding service application proxy, which is an object that a service consumer or Web part uses to connect to a service application. Web applications cannot communicate with a service application without a service application proxy. A proxy group can contain multiple service applications of the same type. If the proxy group for this SPServiceApplication is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), then the default SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup for the local farm is used instead.

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