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ContainerControlDesigner.GetDesignTimeCssAttributes Method

Returns the collection of style attributes for the control at design time.

Namespace: System.Web.UI.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in

public virtual IDictionary GetDesignTimeCssAttributes ()
public IDictionary GetDesignTimeCssAttributes ()
public function GetDesignTimeCssAttributes () : IDictionary
Not applicable.

Return Value

A collection of style attributes applied to the control on the design surface. The style attribute names are keys used to access the style attribute values in the IDictionary.

The GetDesignTimeCssAttributes method returns a collection of style attributes for the design-time representation of the control.

To examine a style attribute value at design time for a control, use the style attribute name as a key to the returned collection. Style attribute values are stored as strings in the collection. For example, you can access the height value in the collection as styleAttributes["height"] for C# or styleAttributes("height") for Microsoft Visual Basic.

If the associated control is not derived from the WebControl class, the GetDesignTimeCssAttributes method returns an empty collection.

Notes to Implementers: The default implementation for the GetDesignTimeCssAttributes method initializes the style attribute collection by using the AddDesignTimeCssAttributes method. To manipulate styles in a control designer that are derived from the ContainerControlDesigner class, override the AddDesignTimeCssAttributes method.

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