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SMO Exceptions (Azure SQL Database)

Updated: February 17, 2014

This page contains information about exceptions that could occur when programming with SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) in Microsoft Microsoft Azure SQL Database.


Description (message text) Cause of error message

Either the object or one of its properties is not supported on the target engine type   

Scripting an object that is not supported in Azure SQL Database.

Logins cannot be scripted by using a service security ID (SID) from SQL Database to a local instance of SQL Server.

Attempting to log in to Azure SQL Database with Windows Authentication. Use SQL Server Authentication instead.

Replication option is not supported on SQL Database. For generating script, try setting TextMode property as false.

Scripting text mode objects (such as stored procedures, triggers, or views) with the Replication property.

Operation not supported on version 10.0

Referring to an object that is not supported in Azure SQL Database.

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