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Technical Articles for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

Updated: February 28, 2014

This section contains valuable articles based on the real world experience of Microsoft engineers and customers who are developing solutions using SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines.


Article Description

Application Patterns and Development Strategies for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

You can develop many types of n-tier applications by separating the components of the different application tiers on different machines as well as in separate components. This article explains different application patterns to use for your SQL Server based applications in Azure environment. In addition, the article discusses Azure specific development strategies so that you can design your applications correctly.

Deploy SQL Server Business Intelligence in Azure Virtual Machines

This article describes and walks you through the creation of a multi-server deployment of SQL Server Business Intelligence features, in an Azure Virtual Machines environment. The document focuses on the use of Windows PowerShell scripts for each step of the configuration and deployment process.

Performance Guidance for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

This article discusses the key factors to consider when evaluating performance and planning a migration to SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines. It also provides certain best practices and techniques for performance tuning and troubleshooting when using SQL Server in Azure Infrastructure Services.

Using Power BI in a Hybrid Environment

This paper describes best practices for security, networking, and component architecture for building a hybrid business intelligence (BI) environment by using a combination of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and on-premises data sources.

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