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Configure jobs

Updated: January 25, 2014

By default, in Windows Azure Mobile Services new jobs are created in a disabled state. You should enable jobs after you have successfully tested them. Test new jobs by manually by clicking Run Once. Errors in job scripts are written to the logs.

When your mobile service runs in free mode, you can create only one scheduled job at a time; in reserved mode, you can create up to ten scheduled jobs at the same time. When you switch from reserved mode to free mode, disable all running jobs except for the single job that you want to remain enabled. Otherwise, all jobs will be disabled.

You cannot create new jobs when you are at your limit of allowed jobs. To create a new job, you must first click Delete to delete a job.

The following intervals are supported for each unit of time:


Interval unit Supported value range









Run jobs manually by clicking Run Once. Such jobs might be used to perform one-time setup tasks or cleanup tasks that you want to do manually.

For more information about how to schedule jobs, see Schedule backend jobs in Mobile Services

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