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Azure Mobile Services Configuration

Updated: June 29, 2014

The topics in this section provide information about creating, deleting and configuring mobile services by using Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. This same content is available as help in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. For more general information about Mobile Services and examples of how to use Mobile Services in your apps, see Mobile Services Tutorials and Resources.


Topic Description

Create a mobile service

Describes considerations for creating a new mobile service.

Delete a mobile service

Describes considerations for deleting an existing mobile service.

Manage keys

Describes the keys supported by Mobile Services.

Change the database

Describes considerations for changing the Microsoft Azure SQL Database used by a mobile service.

Scaling a mobile service

Describes considerations for scaling-out a mobile service.

Configure identity

Describes how to configure an identity provider for authentication.

Cross-origin resource sharing

Describes how to enable access to a mobile service for hosted web apps.

Source control

Describes how to enable a built-in Git repository to store your server scripts.

Hybrid connections

Describes how to connect to an on-premises SQL Server database instance for storage instead of the default SQL Database.

App settings

Describes app settings are used to securely store data, such as third-party credentials, that are accessed from server scripts.

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