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ExceptionErrorCodes Enumeration

Specifies the error codes of the exceptions.

Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll)

public enum ExceptionErrorCodes

Member nameDescription
AudienceNotFoundThe audience is not found.
BadGatewayFailureThe error is caused by bad gateway.
BadRequestA parse error encountered while processing a request.
ConflictGenericA generic conflict error.
ConflictOperationInProgressAn operation is in progress.
CorrelationFiltersExceededThe correlation filters exceeded its allowable maximum number.
DataCommunicationErrorThe error of data communication.
EndpointNotFoundThe endpoint is not found.
EntityGoneThe entity is not found.
EventHubAtFullCapacityThe Event Hub is at full capacity.
ExpiredTokenThe token had expired.
ExpiresOnNotFoundThe expiry date not found.
ForbiddenGenericA generic forbidden error.
GatewayTimeoutFailureThe gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.
InternalFailureAn internal error.
InvalidAudienceThe audience is invalid.
InvalidDestinationThe destination is invalid.
InvalidSignatureThe signature is invalid.
IssuerNotFoundThe issuer cannot be found.
MalformedTokenA malformed token.
MissingTokenThe token is missing.
NamespaceNotFoundThe namespace is not found.
NoTransportSecurityThe service bus has no transport security.
ProviderUnreachableThe provider is unreachable.
ServerBusyThe server is busy.
SignatureNotFoundThe signature cannot be found.
SqlFiltersExceededThe SQL filters exceeded its allowable maximum number.
StoreLockLostThe store lock is lost.
SubscriptionsExceededThe subscriptions exceeded its allowable maximum number.
UnauthorizedGenericA generic unauthorized error.
UnknownExceptionDetailThe detail of an unknown exception.
UnspecifiedInternalErrorAn internal error that is not specified.
UpdateConflictA conflict during updating occurred.


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